Life is really tough for refugees and asylum seekers in Cyprus with severe housing and financial hardships on top of everything else they have had to endure. 

We have completely renovated a 3-story building in the centre of Nicosia, close to other essential services with new plumbing, electricity, internet, air conditioning, redecoration, furniture and fittings.

"The Dignity" (as our members call it) is a safe space for refugees and asylum seekers to learn new skills and help rebuild their lives. They can drop in whenever they want and everything we offer is free.

It is run by experienced, permanent managers and teams of caring short-term volunteers.

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The Sewing Space

The Sewing Space is one of the spaces we created to help refugees and asylum seekers learn how to use a sewing machine and how to create great products.

Every item in our shop has been created and made by one of the members of the Dignity Centre. When you buy an item, it includes a brief biography about the refugee maker. 

In addition to learning a valuable skill, this project also helps the maker to earn some money so they can buy essentials needed for everyday living. 

The maker receives an agreed fair trade price as soon as it is made and before we sell it. Refugee Support subsidises all the costs to help them rebuild their lives.

We call it Fashion with Heart.

Our Products

These are hand-made products created with real care, passion and love.

You will see that every product we sell is inspired by a member of the Sewing Space and you can read their stories here.

Every item is quality checked before being shipped to the UK. We have very high standards and guarantee you will be satisfied with the quality! Just check out the reviews.

We are always expanding our range of products and the skills of our members with research and training. If you have have any feedback on what we are producing or ideas for what else we can offer please get in touch.

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