About Us



A project by Refugee Support Europe a UK based charity

We have completely renovated a 3-story building in the centre of Nicosia, close to other essential services with new plumbing, electricity, internet, air conditioning, redecoration, furniture and fittings. The Centre is a community drop-in centre that refugees are free to use to learn new skills.

The sewing room is one of the spaces we have created to help Refugees and Asylum Seekers learn how to use a sewing machine and then go onto creating new products. Every item in our shop has been created and made by one of the members of the Dignity Centre. This project also helps the maker to earn some money to buy essentials needed for everyday living sometimes just the basics such as food. 80% of the price you pay is returned to the person who made the item. The other 15-25% is to cover the cost of material, shipping to the UK and Credit Card Costs so we can sell the item, and a very small contribution towards the cost of running The Dignity Centre. 

Every item is quality checked before being shipped to the UK, but please remember that these items are hand made by amateurs so sometimes they might have a minor flaw, but rest assured that they are made with real passion and love. Currently we offer three sewing classes and a crochet class each week. Many of the people making these products had never used a sewing machine before joining our community.

We hope you enjoy our shop and the products you purchase.

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