The Design of "The Bernadette Bag" 

The designing of new products happens in the sewing space by our very talented members. The design process is entirely collaborative with members sharing their ideas and skills which fosters an environment of learning and community in the sewing space.


With initial guidance from volunteer Kathryn, Bernadette lead the design and sampling of a new bag in the sewing space now named "The Bernadette Bag".

Bernadette began by designing the pattern and then making the first test sample using scrap fabric. At each step members, volunteers and the sewing space teacher and tailor Ba test and share their ideas on how to improve the design.

Initial Designs

After Bernadette's initial sample, Colette then set out making sample number two, taking into account the suggested improvements. Changing the width of the strap, the size of the bag, giving the base a greater curve.

The bag was tested one last time by teacher Ba, using the chosen material for sale.

Master tailor and Teacher Ba

The first second and third attempts at making the bag perfect!

One of the finished Bernadette Bags

Much thought has gone into things such as inside pocket and fastener 

After the design process our teacher Ba holds class, teaching the women the new pattern and new techniques involved in the bag and makes an example for the women to refer to whilst sewing.


Bernadette is the inspiration for our popular premium bags. Click on the link below to shop for one now.


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I think the work everyone does here is wonderful.I have never heard of ypyr organisation before,but glad seen it on my Facebook today.Will be buying more for sure.

Bernadette January 13, 2020

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