Meet our Members: Fenk

Fenk is a Kurdish refugee from Iraq who has been living in Cyprus for 1 year and 2 months. She taught herself how to embroider using YouTube videos! Fenk is very talented and knows everything about her hobby. She makes unique scarfs and headscarfs with intricate beading and crochet.
Some of Fenk's amazing beading
Some of Fenk's Beading.
In Iraq Fenk used her skills to make things for her family. She hand embroidered a beautiful Indian style dress for her sister and has knitted baby clothes as presents for her nieces and nephews. Fenk is gratedul for the opportunity to pick up her needles and start embroidering again at the Dignity Centre.
Fenk brings her four month old son Mubin to the Centre with her. 

Fenk is the inspiration for our popular hijiabs/scarves. Click on the link below to shop for one now.


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