Meet our Members: Raymond

We have many other talented people at The Dignity Centre, Nicosia besides our amazing members of The Sewing Cooperative. 

Raymond has been helping and volunteering at The Dignity Centre since before we opened. He offered to paint a Mural on one of the walls at the centre. It is a lovely painting of Africa with some of the most famous animals from the continent.

Raymond followed this up by painting our Friendship Tree in the children’s space. On this tree the children put their hand prints on as leaves and add their names, it is such a beautiful idea.

Raymond has written this piece about his life.

My name is Raymond Efe, I was born on the 27th of May 1992 into a family of five member, I happen to be the last child of three siblings, I hail from Delta state of Nigeria, West Africa, I had my nursery and primary education in Benin-city, Edo State and then moved to gaining my tertiary education in fine and applied art at the College of Education, Agbor, Delta state,  I am currently residing in Nicosia, Cyprus.

In my earliest times in life, I discovered I was attracted and gifted in Artistic expression through drawings and paintings which made me unique amongst my peers, this gave rise to my persistent and consistent practices and made me popular in my school days in Nigeria. I had a wonderful family which supported me morally and otherwise.

Although, God has created every individual on planet earth uniquely and buried in them special gifts and talents to announce them to the world, I would say for me he has given me the gift of art expression via drawings and paintings and I will like to say painting is a way of expressing my inner message and the beauty of nature with colours to the world."

Raymond has now started doing some beautiful paintings on canvas at The Dignity Centre. It was a pleasure for us to purchase all the art material Raymond needed to start living his life again doing what he loves. Raymond fits in his painting with his volunteering and is always to be seen volunteering at our Breakfast Club, where we serve breakfast 3 mornings a week. We are sure we can help Raymond sell some of his paintings so he can earn some income to help him with his daily needs.


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