Meet our Members: Virginie

Virginie is from the Cameroonian French community in the South West of the country. She left because she was persecuted, receiving death threats, and is now separated from her family and her children.

She first arrived in Cyprus in August 2019 and now lives in a shared apartment with other 7 people located in the outskirts of Nicosia. Coming to the Dignity Centre takes her about one hour, but she likes to come because staying at home makes her think too much about everything she went through.

Focusing on getting new skills helps with her state of mind. She has learnt how to sew and is now also attending Greek classes. In a few months she has become a good tailor and the sewing cooperative has become her new family. She is trying to do her best and she says she puts her heart in everything she sews.

She knows that the asylum seeking procedure is slow and to become a refugee is going to take a long time, so in the meantime she hopes to find whatever job she can here in Cyprus to be able to pay someone in Cameroon to help her find out about her children. Her biggest dream is to see them again.

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