Meet our Members: Raeda

Raeda is from Jenin, Palestine. After witnessing the deaths of so many people around her, she decided to escape the war with her husband in order to find a better future for her seven children.

In June 2019, she and her family arrived in the Turkish controlled north of Cyprus, where the United Nations helped them to apply for asylum in the South. Now they all live in a 2 bedroom hostel and they are happy to be safe.

They are some of the most loyal members of the Dignity Centre, taking part in different activities and classes, such as English and Greek for adults and Arabic for kids. The children come at “the Dignity” to play whenever they have free time from school and thanks to the Refugee Support donors they also got bikes to run around the city.

Raeda loves to come to the sewing space because it gives her the chance to meet people of many different cultures, the other members and the volunteers, and she can practice the languages she is learning: English and Kurdish. Before coming, she had only used the machine a few times for fun with her friends, but here she learnt very fast and she is also an amazing crocheter. The sewing cooperative is also helping her to have a small income and build a network of relations that are improving her life in Cyprus a lot.

Her hope for the future is to have a simple, normal life, where she and her husband can find a job, her children can go to university and everyone is safe.

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