Meet our members: Marie

Marie comes from Cameroon where she was studying public law, dividing herself among various jobs like babysitting and running a small shop where she sold cosmetic products and jewels. Unfortunately she had to leave everything behind her as she escaped her country. 

At the beginning Marie was feeling very lost, but then she met a lady who was already a member of the Dignity Centre and of the Refumade sewing cooperative. She began coming to the center regularly, even before finding a place to stay. She didn't really know where to go, but coming here made her feel welcome and less alone. She could barely speak English yet attended all available classes. Marie tried to make the most of the free learning opportunities that the center provides and still continues to improve herself. 

Two years later she has made many friends, has become confident in English, has found good accommodations and various small jobs, and continues to come and sew whenever she can. 

Marie hopes to have the chance to go back to school one day, and even though she knows it won't be easy, the future looks less scary.

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