Meet our Members: Madjoulen

Majdoulen is from Bania, Syria and has two children. When the war started she had to flee Syria and move to Lebanon, where she lived for 7 years before coming to Cyprus in September 2019.

She was hoping to find a better life for herself and her family, but as soon as they arrived her husband was arrested and is still being held without any charges being made against him. She has been fighting for his release since then.

Now she is living in one hotel room with her two children and she does whatever she can to keep up morale.

A few days after she arrived, a friend told her about the Dignity Centre and she came looking for some kind of help. As soon as she arrived she fell in love with the sewing space, a safe place where she could build a network of friends and carry on one of her passions: crochet.

Majdoulen studied Fine Arts and is very creative, always full of new ideas. It was Madjoulen who came up with the design of the Crochet Bird Kids Beanie!

She also comes to the Dignity Centre to attend the English class while her 5 year old son Omar takes the Arabic classes. Not losing their own roots is crucial.

She is happy to have found a place that keeps her occupied, but she says that nothing can make her forget about the reality and everything she is going thorough.

She dreams about a future where everything falls into place again and she can open her own bakery.


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