Meet our Members: Lauraine

Lauraine is from Bangantë, in Cameroon where she was at risk from the permanent conflict.

She arrived in Cyprus almost a year ago, in March 2019. Lauraine is clear about her goal now: to study. In Cameroon she finished her science studies at High School and her dream is to become a nurse.

Lauraine currently lives in a shared room with another friend from the Sewing Cooperative. She shares the house with 6 people, sharing a kitchen and bathroom. She is happy that it is only 15 minutes away by bus which means she can come almost every day.

She has been a member of the Sewing Cooperative since December and has attended all Ba's classes because she had never worked with a sewing machine before. Since then and after two months practicing she has learned to make the entire range of our current products: simple bags, aprons, tote bags and drawstring bags.

She says she likes the classes because she is always willing to learn new things. The only thing that she does not like is when after checking the items one of her pieces goes to the “needs attention” box, because it means that she has to check it and make some adjustment being sure that it is perfect for the online shop.

Her main concern now is to have enough money to pay the rent for the apartment, and so the money from the Sewing Cooperative really helps with this. Finding a job in Cyprus as an asylum seeker is very complicated.

Lauraine loves languages and already speaks German and Spanish so she also really enjoys the Centre's Greek and English classes. 

Lauraine is the inspiration for our popular children's aprons. Click on the link below to shop for one now.


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