Meet our members: Julie

Julie is from Lubumbashi, the second largest city in the the Democratic Republic of Congo, but which she had to flee because of the persecution of her community and threats to her family.

She  arrived in Cyprus a year and a half ago with her husband and three of her five children, and is still waiting for the resolution of their asylum application.

Despite the difficulties, they currently live in a small apartment with two rooms near the Dignity Centre and the children attend school regularly. Finding work is their biggest concern.

Meanwhile, Julie's dedication to Dignity Centre has been outstanding from the day we arrived and we rely heavily on her as one of the key members helping to organise and run the Centre's activities. 

For Julie, the Sewing Cooperative has been like a dream come true. When she was little she always dreamed of learning to sew, design and make dresses so now she says she feels so grateful that during this difficult time of her life, something of her dream has come true and it can also help to provide for her family.

Sewing is relaxing and helps her forget a little about the current difficulties in her life. She has learned to make all kinds of products for the on line shop, including the most difficult ones.

The money she earns goes entirely on helping to pay for the rent on her apartment.

The Cooperative has also allowed her to meet people and improved her level of English. She likes talking to volunteers.

In the future, Julie wants and her husband to find jobs that allow them to raise their children well, so they can continue to study in the future. Her children already speak Greek and they have settled in to living on the island.

Julie likes Cyprus and wants to make clear how grateful she is to everyone who has bought something from the shop and made the Dignity Centre a reality how it has helped a group of women in difficulty have a slightly more dignified life. 

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