Meet our Members: Jasmine

Jasmine is originally from the Philippines and has been living in Cyprus for 6 years.

Jasmine is a very talented crocheter, which she learnt from her mother when she was a girl. She has shared her knowledge and skills with the other members and is now the go to lady for crochet!

Her daughter Marylena comes to the Dignity Centre with her. Marylena is just a year old and full of laughter and energy, together they make a lovely team. Jasmine has crocheted shorts and swimmers for her daughter and hopes to sew a skirt for her soon.

Since coming to the Dignity Centre she has quickly learnt how to sew and is pleased to have expanded her skills.  Jasmine has also helped in the designing and testing of new items, most recently she has tested a new crochet bag. She has used different string and wool to see what works best and if it can become a product for the Refumade Shop. 

Jasmine is kind to everyone and makes sure everything is neat and tidy, ready for the next day's fun and learning.


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