Meet our Members: Eva

Eva is 29 and had to leave French Cameroon in 2018 to escape the persecution she was suffering. Now she is living in a 2 room apartment with other four asylum seekers, and feels safe for the first time in her life.

Eva is very active and she puts a huge effort into everything she does. By attending different classes at the Dignity Centre and other places, she has  quickly reached a good level of English and now she is learning Greek. She is sure that these new skills will help her to find a job.

For Eva, it is crucial to keep her mind busy so as not to dwell on all she went through. Her journey has not been easy. Then one day she met the Sewing Space Manager Ba, who introduced her the Dignity Centre, and she started to come every day.

Now she is part of a network of many ladies helping and supporting each other and she is not alone anymore. In addition, the money she is earning is helping her to take care of herself.

Her mother was a tailor, but Eva had never sewn before. Now she has become one of the best tailors in the Refumade cooperative and she thinks it might become a real profession one day. She never thought she would be able to sew like that.

"Sometimes you have a talent in you that you don’t know, you only need someone helping you to find it and let yourself give it a go", she said.

Since she was a child, her dream was to become a paediatrician and she would like to have the chance to study and do it, but she knows is going to be hard. Anyway, she is not discouraged, she tries to do her best with everything and take every opportunity she can in the future.

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