Meet our Members: Ellmine

Ellmine is 32 years old from the francophone side of Cameroon. Discrimination and persecution has affected her whole life. Finally she decided she had to escape and came to Cyprus, arriving in January 2018 after some time spent in Nigeria.

Now she is sharing a 3 room apartment with 3 other adults and 3 babies, including her own.

At the Dignity Centre she attends the Computer Classes and was one of the first members of the sewing cooperative. Sewing reminds her of her sister, because when they lived together in Cameroon she was the one who was good at it. When she is making items for the Refumade shop, she stops thinking about all her problems and what she is most concerned about is 'being professional'. All this makes her life a lot lighter.

All the money she earns is helping her to take care of her baby and to pay for the school for her other child she had to leave in Cameroon with her sister. In addition to the cost of school, she is paying for an English teacher for him, so that life will be easier for him than it has been for her.

She misses her country and she would like to see peace there again, one day. She dreams of a better future for Cameroon and all the people suffering there.

When we asked her if the sewing space is making your life a bit better, she replied "Big better. Not small."

Ellmine is the inspiration for our popular drawstring bag for kids. Click on the link below to shop for one now.


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