Meet our Members: Constance

Constance is from Cameroon where life was too dangerous so she had to make the journey to Cyprus. She applied for asylum in May 2019.

She developed a serious health condition and has fortunately had life-saving treatment. Now she is living in one of the hotel rooms that the state gives to asylum seekers and she is starting to feel happy after being healed and having found a safe space.

Constance comes to the Dignity Centre whenever it's open. She is one of the regular members of the Sewing Cooperative and she is also now attending the Greek classes, in the hope that this will help her to find a job.

Constance loves to sew. She used to make and repair African clothes, but now she has the chance to practice with different machines and making different items.

What she likes at most of the Sewing Cooperative is that it is teaching her how to be with many different people, because in Cameroon she spent a long time at home and saw very few people.

This project is also helping her to give her a purpose and earn some money. Sometimes she gets anxious during the quality checks of her products, but she likes to experience a real work environment and she is taking everything as a training for the future.

Her dream is to find a job as a professional tailor in a big company, where she can meet a lot of people and make customers happy buying her products.

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