Meet our Member: Liliane

Liliane is from Cameroon. She has been an integral part of the Sewing Cooperative since the very beginning.

When the Dignity Centre opened, Liliane had been in Cyprus for several months and faced many difficulties integrating herself and finding an occupation. Being a tailor, she was very happy to find a place where she could spend some time making friends and cultivating her passion. Liliane not only has technical ability, but also excellent taste, and she is always keen to give advice about the items that we make at Refumade.

She affirms that the Dignity Centre helped her in many ways because it allowed her to make the most of her time instead of staying at home and provided income, which has been essential during all the times coupons from the state were delayed. Liliane found that the most valuable activity at the Dignity Centre is its free education. Back home, sewing clothes was her profession, but her first time sewing a bag was at the Centre, so she is glad to have had the possibility to improve her practical skills. She also has improved her English skills thanks to daily contact with other members and volunteers. 

Liliane says it is very hard to think about the future while in her situation, but she is sure that what she has learned at the Dignity Centre will help her toward a better life: “Money come and go, but the knowledge you acquire stays with you forever”.

Liliane is the inspiration for our popular reversible bags. Click on the link below to shop for one now.


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